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Micro Mechatronics

Micro-robotics, MEMS & MOEMS components, DiMEMS

Micromechatronics - a combination of mechatronics and microtechnologies -is part of the key skills of excellence at FEMTO-ST, which hosts one of the largest groups in EU in this field.
A unique specificity of ACTION is the combination of micromechatronics with vision and robotics on one hand and microphotonics on the other hand.
Multifunctional mechatronic systems include a combination of mechanics, electronics, control engineering, computer engineering as well as photonics and vision.
The Labex ACTION offers skills in microsystem design (sensors, MEMS, MOEMS, microactuators, microfluidics, microrobots) and technologies (micromachining & microoptics, heterogeneous integration, multi-wafer bonding). the study of functional materials, multiscale modelling a control and computer engineering.
Through its project of microendoscope for in vivo applications, ACTION wishes to develop to demonstrate several functions of complex embedded smart systems that provide reconfigurability and adaptability.

Micro robotics and control technologies

The world’s smallest microrobotic hand performing dexterous manipulation

The dexterous system is composed of 3 fingers (7-μm-diameter fibers actuated using stick-slip piezo-electric actuators) having 2 degrees of freedom each (either 6 degrees of freedom in total) to perform in-hand manipulation (translations and rotations) of micro-parts (polygonal micro-objects down to 120µm) in the micrometer scale. These performances contribute significantly to the state-of-the art and will enable the versatile assembly of complex 3D smart systems.
Project leader: Equipex Robotex, Industrial partner: Percipio Robotics

Precise micro manipulation in confined environments

The use of bistable modules opens very interesting perspectives for designing integrated smart devices compared to the advent of the digital electronics.
Based on modules which have two robust stable positions with “blocking force”, the micro digital robot can perform binary actions in displacement and in force.
This bottom-up approach called “digital microrobotics” takes advantage of MEMS technology and open-loop digital control to offer a flexible way to experiment various kinematics adapted to the microworld.

Advantages of the digital robotics:
- Open loop control (no sensor)
- No noises sensibility
- Low energy consumption
- Adapted to confined environment (SEM, TEM)
- Robust and easy to fabricate (monolithic microfabrication)

Smart OCT active endoscope for the mini invasive and early detection of cancer

OCT allows non-contact and non-invasive in vivo diagnosis with high resolution and reasonable penetration depth

Claytronics: programmable matter with mm-scale computers

Claytronics is an abstract future concept that combines modular robotics, systems nanotechnology and computer science to create individual nanometer-scale computers called Claytronics atoms, or catoms, which can interact with each other to form tangible 3D objects (scalable to life size or larger) that a user can interact with. Claytronics has the potential to greatly affect many areas of daily life, such as telecommunication, human-computer interfaces, and entertainment.

The main simulator for Claytronics, called VisibleSim has been developed by the Labex ACTION. It is the first online simulator for modular robots and multicore systems.
Partners: Carnegie Mellon University, PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Hong-Kong Polytechnic University, University of Tokyo/LIMMS

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