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Summer School

Summer school nonlinear dynamical phenomena

Ecole d'été internationale 2013 sur les dynamiques non linéaires


Objective:  to provide a modern teaching, in english, on fundamental themes for the understanding and the study of non-linear dynamical phenomena and their use in several domains such as physics, mechanics, chemistry, biology, etc. The teaching is composed of 5 lectures: 2 fundamental courses and 3 specialised courses. Both fundamental courses are dedicated to basic notions of non-linear science. Additionnally experimental demonstrations allow to show, on practical examples, how the fundamental notions can be used in practice and how they are developed in a real physical system. Introductive small courses are organised in order to give a quick and clear vision on selected hot topics, as well as experimental illustrations. Beside the courses, many time slots are programmed for discussions on topics proposed by the participants, potentially useful for their own research (complements of courses, examples of calculus, interpretation of personal cases, theory, experiments), and also through seminars (...)

More info: http://www.enlpeyresq.u-psud.fr/Peyresq2013_en.htm